What is Nutritional Therapy?

  • Nutritional Therapy supports the whole person, by working to get to the root causes.  It is a method that focuses on the bio-individuality of each person.  Embracing ancient traditions of food and addressing our modern wellness needs is key to finding balance and vitality.  By using palpation, functional assessment tools and investigation, we look to decipher the path in which each person should take in their wellness journey.
  • Nutritional Therapy focuses on the five foundations of health to address your concerns.

Who can benefit?

  • Anyone!  At New Magnolia Wellness, we work to provide a wellness approach that works for you in your life and at your pace.  By making some changes, you can begin to see your goals transpire into reality.  We can design a unique protocol that makes sense for you.

How long is the program?

  • That depends on each case! Each person’s individuality plays a vital role in how long you will come see me for wellness support.  Empowerment and taking charge of your health is a wonderful part of the program as well. That being said, it is a collaborative relationship between the client and practitioner and in the end, the client has the freedom to choose the direction and outcome.