Free 20 minute Consultation

  • Call 970-988-9198 to set up a free appointment to see how Nutritional Therapy can benefit you and your family and if it is right for you.

Initial Appointment (approx 1.5 hours)

  • $150
  • The first session is important to obtain a baseline of where you are starting with me in your health journey.  I will complete a full functional evaluation and test your body to see what your priority is and how to begin in your wellness.

Follow-up Appointments (30-40 minutes)

  • $50/$30 for children
  • Follow-up appointments are designed to see how you are progressing.
  • Appointments for specific concerns can be set up anytime as well.

Child’s Initial Appointment (~60 minutes)

  • $95
  • Children 2 and up are welcome!
  • Children’s appointments are designed to fit the needs of the child and will vary accordingly.
  • We can address many issues that children experience with the goal of creating a better future.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis + Consult

  • $150

Biofeedback – Zyto Balance

  • $50 includes consult

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

  • $40 or 3 for $90

Adrenal/Stress Testing

  • Lab work + $50 consult

Emotional Release

  • $50 an hour

Other Services – Contact me for more information